Mobile technology

Man and technology have never been as close as they are today.

Take advantage of all the possibilities that technology offers to move your business to the highest level.


Mobile applications break down the barrier between human and technology. They are fast, easy to use and you always have them with you.

Smartly used mobile technologies will speed up, simplify and streamline the work of your employees, but will also significantly increase the sales of your products and services thanks to an easy personalization and efficient acquisition of data on the needs of your customers. For example, a mobile e-shop knows exactly when to offer something to whom which brings much higher sales efficiency.

The biggest advantage of the mobile technologies is the ability to integrate them into the digital infrastructure of the entire organization, streamline business processes and the use of accurate data that they provide.



Use of wearable electronics (watches, sensors, tablets) for greater interconnection of workers with the system.

The main advantages of using mobile technologies in production include greater speed, accuracy and simplicity of processes, smooth connectivity, reporting, low error rate and immediate process response.

This part of the internal company infrastructure also enables immediate reporting to management using mobile phones or tablets.

Mobile technologies are a recommended part of business digitization.



Solutions suitable for large mobile e-shops and loyalty systems.

The essence of the e-shops we develop is not only sales, but also increasing the efficiency of sales based on structured data obtained from application users.

Personalized communication brings a number of benefits to the user of the application and its operator. From adjusting the offer or GPS location and finding the nearest store, to use the data obtained to achieve the required sales goals.

The intelligent mobile e-shop is an essential sales channel for large retail companies striving for a leading position in the market.


The possibilities of using mobile apps in services are almost endless. There are countless options for what kind of data a mobile app can collect, process, and evaluate. At Altair, we focus mainly on larger applications with advanced technologies.

We work with mobile technologies at the level of NFC card readers, unambiguous identification, a higher level of security (eg when connected to another authentication system) and augmented reality.

Our implemented projects include the development of EET cash register for mobile devices, applications for devices capable of selling and checking railway tickets, or applications for leading sports equipment retailers that analyze data from fitness machines.

The combination of 144 systems reduces labor costs by a third.

Critical infrastructure requires the highest security.

Documents are processed by artificial intelligence

Added value per hour of work increase from CZK 200 to CZK 400 in just two years.

Starting from a contact through order and production to delivery without a single printed document.

How is the project implemented?

  • The initial diagnostics is the first step of each project, in which we determine the complexity and cost of analysis and map the specific project objectives.
  • The design of digital automation in the company is preceded by a thorough analysis of the current state, individual processes, their continuity and, last but not least, the software used and the interconnection of individual applications.
  • After mapping the current state and needs of the company, we will design a solution tailored to meet your needs and to create the first prototype model
  • Based on the design, we create the necessary connections between individual applications so that they communicate seamlessly with each other and allow a smooth flow of data
trial operation
  • Before deploying our solution in live operation, we perform careful testing to correct any errors and adapt to final operation
live operation
  • We will deploy the tested and debugged solution into live operation. Even in this phase, we continue monitoring if everything works properly and without any problems – both on the side of the system and on the part of users
service and development
  • We will deploy the tested and debugged solution into live operation. Even in this phase, we continue monitoring if everything works properly and without any problems – both on the side of the system and on the part of users


... and many more


... and many more

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